Veriluma drives well-informed decisions with predictions showing likely outcomes, their associated risks, opportunities and potential conflicts.

For those involved in mergers and acquisitions, understanding in advance whether the combined entities will succeed or fail means risks can be mitigated, opportunities exploited or purchase price changed.

BHP walks away from mining mega-merger

In the asset intensive mining industry, inventory decisions can affect production line up time. Not understanding the criticality of parts and the ease of replacement can bring a production line to a halt with a hefty price to pay.

Olympic Dam mill breakdown to reduce copper production

Automating repetitive, mundane functions and processes carried out by humans across industries will reduce human error, avoid bias and deliver  consistent repeatable results.

Assessing legal claims early to provide a more accurate view of the claim, the risks to be overcome, the ‘holes’ in the evidence and the likelihood of success delivering early advice to clients.

Anticipating and managing political, social, environmental and security risks in complex, evolving and hostile environments for governments and corporations.